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Seamless underwear, also can deduce personality and vigor!

2017-07-13 16:20:48 Yiwu Eryou Knitting Underwear Co., Ltd. Read

Recently, A share market of three knitting class listed companies in 2016 annual report has been disclosed. The growth of the company's operating income, which is the largest in the world, has fallen for the first time in nearly a decade. However, from the net profit of the three enterprises, all have increased, fully showing the leading enterprises have strong profitability and comprehensive competitive advantage. 

However, if the overall market operation of seamless underwear industry shows, the industry still faces certain pressure and challenges since 2016. The overall profitability of the seamless underwear industry has decreased with the continuous improvement of production costs, intensifying competition and downward pressure on foreign trade. Whether it is continuous layout or deep development, faced with more and more severe market competition, many enterprises feel like tread on thin ice. 

Great jie shares 2016 operating income of about 390 million yuan, up 18.04% from a year earlier, the net profit of about 40.398 million yuan, up 11.50% from a year earlier, the company's operating income and net profit are maintained steady growth. 

Its operating revenue in 2016 was about 269 million yuan, up 31.14 percent year on year and net profit of about 1345.88 million yuan. Compared with the performance loss in 2015, the 2016 wave of shares in the company turned a profit. 

In 2016, the export-oriented health care group realized operating revenue of about 664 million yuan, down 7.12% from the same period a year ago, and realized net profit of about 104 million yuan, up 2.24 percent year on year. Among them, the export market revenue was about 532 million yuan, accounting for about 80.12 percent of total revenue. The company's revenue fell for the first time in almost a decade as a result of the loss of orders from individual export customers. 

Although the net profit of the two companies has increased year-on-year, one company has turned a profit, but the market development of the whole knitting seamless underwear industry is not optimistic. This great jie shares, said at the national policy guidance, working population dividend, form a complete set of perfect industry chain, favorable factors such as the international capacity to transfer to China, driven by China seamless underwear industry has experienced years of rapid development. However, as the production cost of the enterprise increases, the competition of the industry increases, the downward pressure of foreign trade increases, the overall profitability of the seamless underwear industry decreases, and the adjustment period has been reached. The company also believes that as domestic and foreign market changes, changes in the RMB exchange rate and the impact of cost, the performance of the seamless underwear industry export market is affected by a certain range. 

Multi-brand and multi-channel operation into consensus 

In the 2016 annual report of the three knitting companies, the main products and channels are different, and each has its own characteristics. 

As the leading enterprise in seamless underwear industry, at present, great jie shares products has been basically covers seamless garment all common areas, related to basic seamless underwear, fashion, sports, leisure, and other series products, the company has "method of poem", "pill beauty" and "BAJ" multiple independent brands. It is inseparable from the development and manufacturing of seamless underwear, constantly adjusting marketing mode and strengthening operation management. Of its main business income of more than 90% of the seamless underwear products, its operating income is about 382 million yuan, increased by 18.41%, compared to the same operating profit of 55.1567 million yuan, increased by 28.31%, year-on-year gross margin was 30.65%, 4.55% increase from a year earlier. The company said that it will improve its operation efficiency and increase the added value of its products, thus guaranteeing the smooth development of its main business and consolidating its leading position in the seamless underwear industry. 

Lanswe corporation is committed to professional development, production, operating various seamless and seam thermal underwear product series, men's and women's shorts ms series, the series of men's and women's fashion underwear, bras, and OEM knitting clothing, foreign trade sales channels is given priority to with stores, large supermarkets, stores, offline is complementary. The sales crowd of the wave's shares are changing, and the product focus group has been transitioning from the previous 70 to the post-80s generation to 85 and 95. In response to the market shift, the company has also shifted its focus from offline sales to online marketplaces. At the end of 2016, the e-commerce of the wave sa company realized sales revenue of 9785.77 million yuan, which already accounted for 37.44 percent of the total sales of the wave sa. In 2016, the company completed the contract for the contract of the military police in the Chinese military and the military in the military, and expanded the supply channel of the company's products, increasing the revenue and profit of the company. 

The company is known for its professional manufacture of seamless clothing, socks and other products of the world's leading brands and retailers. The products are mainly exported to Europe, Japan, Australia and other international markets. While consolidating the development of foreign trade market, the company has developed a new business model of "smart manufacturing + new marketing", and actively explores the sales of private brands in the domestic market. In 2016, jian sheng group successfully developed UnderArmour, Stance and new customers, in the United States, and overweight underwear market, mergers and acquisitions of domestic seamless underwear industry well-known enterprises qiao tingting, the enterprise is also wacoal, uniqlo, H&M, Nike and other international well-known brand suppliers; The sales of the brand in the domestic market reached about 107 million yuan, and the sales of its own brand reached 23.9385 million yuan. 

After years of rapid development, seamless underwear industry has entered the development stage, in the industry profit space is decreasing, the growth of big background, the companies are implementing differentiation competitive strategy. For example, the company has been developing the "PE + listed company" in the direction of its business transformation. The transformation of enterprises has effectively avoided the "price war" of conventional products to some extent, which has enhanced the anti-risk and profitability of enterprises. 

The value of high-end products is gradually highlighted 

Faced with the rapid growth of the global underwear market and the demand for underwear consumption in developing countries, some knitting enterprises have tried to transform from pure OEM to ODM model in order to seek breakthrough.